Vehicles vary between manual and automatic transmission allowing your vehicle to change gears and help it move. We recommend that you get your transmission fluids changed for every 45,000 to 50,000 KM you drive. This ensures that your transmission works perfectly and safely so that you do not run into transmission failures that can be costly at times.

Our team is here to ensure the quickest work with affordable prices. Correct  Auto Collision Oakville is equipped with the latest diagnostics and can repair or rebuild any automatic or standard transmission, foreign or domestic. Whether your transmission needs replacing or rebuilding, our technicians will get the job done in an efficient and meticulous matter. We don’t want to leave you stranded.

Our skilled mechanics have the training and expertise to perform a routine transmission service to get you back on the road with confidence. Our team is trained in:

  • Draining the transmission fluid
  • Removing and cleaning the oil pan
  • Inspecting the fluid condition, availability of metal or clutch lining material in pan
  • Removing, cleaning and replacing the filter
  • Checking and adjusting the bands and controls
  • Refitting the pan, using a new gasket
  • Filling the transmission to the recommended level with new transmission fluid of the correct type
  • Checking for leaks and wear on seals and hoses
  • Testing the serviced auto transmission.

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